What can you expect at Life Church?

  • God's Word is meant to be lived, not simply known.  Each week, you’ll find messages that will help you find the life you want to have and that will help you do it while being more like Jesus all along the way.  At Life Church, you’re going to find that every message, lesson, and LIFE group is all about applying the Bible to our own lives

  • You’re going to find people who are genuinely happy to see you.  We really like people.  At Life Church, you’ll discover a church family motivated by love in all we do.  And you’re going to see that love play out in day to day kindness, mercy, and authenticity.  In unconditional love and acceptance.  In a church family who loves you for who you are and who wants to help you be all God made you to be. When you’re here, you’re family.

  • You’re going to find music that honors God – and that gets into the depths of your soul and leaves joy behind.  We believe that God desires all of us – emotions included, so we use music, video, messages, and other elements that reach our emotions as well as our intellect. You’ll leave here having worshipped God – and ready to honor Him with your life and actions all week long.